Friday Night Meatballs


In case you were wondering about this whole Friday Night Meatball thing, let me add some context. After stumbling on a bit of internet inspiration, I decided it put in some elbow grease and see if I can build a fun tradition. So, every Friday I’m going to be cooking up a pot of pasta and meatballs. The sauce and meatballs are homemade, while the pasta may or may not be depending on the week. More importantly, what I want is to sit down at my dining table and eat a simple, but delicious meal, along with anyone else who’d like to join me.


Friends (new and old), coworkers, neighbors, Facebook friends who’d like to hang out in real life, etc…you are welcome at my table. I just ask everyone to let me know by Thursday night so I can figure out my meatball situation. You can bring something if you want (wine, your grandmas signature dessert, a salad..) but you don’t have to. The house won’t be perfect. There is a manly cat that likes to mingle. There might be board games. There might be scotch. Your picture will most likely be taken. You will be asked about your life. You might make new friends. Who knows. This is my attempt to spend more time with my village. You’re invited to help make something.  


For more information about Friday Night Meatballs, click the link above or this here. It’ll take you to the story which first inspired me to go down this adventure. Sarah Grey, the mind behind this idea, is doing amazing things by inspiring people to come together and eat a meal. More can be found at the  There is even a meatball map which shows where people have done this exact thing. Thanks for the inspiration Sarah, I wish you all the best in your ever inspiring endeavours.

Lastly, my deepest apologies to Sarah for not clarifying in my post about who created the idea behind this concept. It’s a story that I share with every visitor, and should be equally shared here as well. It was an error on my part. My apologies.

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