SPUD – Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

Bringing the Farmers’ Market to Your Kitchen. Sounds pretty good, right!? In our busy world, what’s better than having high quality food items delivered to your door. In this growing niche market, my only experience with a food-to-your-door service at this point has been with the Organic Box. So when SPUD reached out and offered to provide me with a trial box on the house, the chance to compare the two top contenders piqued my interest.


The SPUD website couldn’t have been easier to navigate. Items are separated by obvious categories, with prices clearly identified next to each item. An ongoing price list updates on the screen in real time to let you know how much cash you’re spending. I personally like this reminder, as the occasional items (meat for example) really bump up your spending. Wanting to get a decent sample of the offerings, I selected a good combination of fruits (apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, lemons) vegetables (onions, mushrooms, carrots, parsnips, potatoes) and two bison steaks.


On delivery day, I received a call on my cell just before my order was ready to be dropped off. I buzzed the delivery driver into my building, and came home from work to my SPUD delivery resting against my door. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Once inside I opened the box and found my colourful, well packaged selection of items. The produce appeared to be in great shape, while the two bison steaks came wrapped separately and were tucked against a tiny piece of dry ice. Brilliant packaging really. I spent a few days eating my way through everything and only found one pear that looked great on the outside but was bruised deeply inside. I wouldn’t fault SPUD for this, as the pear looked perfect.


At the end of the day, the simplicity of SPUD, the quality of food, and the time savings of to-your-door groceries are probably enough to win anyone over….as long as you have the dollars to spend on organic food. For me, it just doesn’t work. I really love the idea of this concept, I enjoyed the personal communication with the SPUD team, and I thoroughly enjoyed the meals I produced with the food. Yet, I’m the kind of guy who goes to the grocery store every day. Yes, every day. I make a small list and stop every day. I really enjoy being in a grocery store. I like seeing what’s fresh one day and not the next. In fact, the power to pick up produce every day has taught me a lot about it’s life cycle. So while it might not be the right thing for me, after talking with friends and coworkers, this concept has a bright future that will continue to grow and be enjoyed by more and more people. If that’s you, give SPUD a whirl. They even have a promo right now – “Get20” – which takes $20 off your order.


Breakfast scramble with SPUD produce

 *I want to thank SPUD for the opportunity to try their service. It really was delicious!!