‘Tis The Season – Jam-A-Lam

This time of year is always strange for me. It feels like our garden was just planted and I had the entire summer ahead of me. Before you know it, my cycling tan is getting ridiculous, the garden is blowing up, and the nights are already getting shorter. The upside is that jam season is hitting full swing!


After a rewarding visit to Stevens Strawberries for, well, strawberries, and a quick trip to St. Alberta for some golden raspberries, the plan was hatched. We made three different recipes; Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam, Strawberry Jam, and Raspberry Jam. For the strawberry jam recipe, I used a trick I discovered on Chow and it worked like a charm! There is something about separating the fruit to ensure it stays as flavourful as possible that makes this technique that much better. As a daily jam consumer, I’m excited to have 20 or so jars of delicious homemade jam to tide me over for a couple of months.