White Spot’s 50/50 Burger – Giveaway

Last week the folks at White Spot sent me an email asking if I’d like to giveaway a few hamburgers. That’s a pretty hard offer to turn down.  I mean, I love a good burger. I eat them all the time. I should really tell you more about the delicious deer burger I made last night, but I’ll save that for another post. Needless to say, I agreed to spread the love and the free burgers!!!!

Introducing The Spot’s 50/50™ patty, a 1/3-pound patty that combines the best of both worlds – Canadian beef & premium double-smoked bacon!

Hawaiian 50-50 Burger

Hawaiian 50-50

This proprietary new patty is available starting today with our new 50/50 burger lineup. These new mouth-watering creations feature toppings that include savoury bacon jam, peanut butter and fresh pineapple. All of our burgers are served with creamy coleslaw and ‘endless’ signature Kennebec fries.

Classic Diner 50-50 Burger

Classic Diner 50-50

Our new Burger Menu includes:

  • Hawaiian 50/50 Burger – Blow the house down with this triple bacon burger! Candied bacon, savoury bacon jam, tangy fresh pineapple, lettuce & red onion.
  • PBBJ 50/50 Burger – Give your taste-buds a flavourful experience with crunchy peanut butter, savoury bacon jam, pickled jalapeños, lettuce & tomato.
  • Classic Diner 50/50 Burger – Enjoy a new twist on a classic diner favourite with caramelized onions, cheese & Dijon mayo.
PBBJ 50-50 Burger

PBBJ 50-50

“We wanted to have fun with our burgers – and this time, it starts with a new patty,” said White Spot Executive Chef Danny Markowicz. “The flavour combination of beef and double-smoked bacon – two Canadian favourites – in one delicious patty is an experience not to be missed!”

Sounds delicious right?!?! I’ll be trying that peanut butter and bacon jam burger as soon as I get the opportunity!!!

So here’s your chance to get one of four 50/50 burger certificates.  Just tell me if you are for, or against, the idea of a beef and pork patty. Easy peasy! To receive one of the gift cards you’ll have to live in the Edmonton Area.

The giveaway will close Monday, September 21 2015 at 8PM MST. Just remember, you have to snag one of these before October 11 as it’s a limited burger.

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