Sous Vide Yogurt


I eat a lot of yogurt. Enough that I should be making it at home. Yet for some reason I never commit to it. I’ve tried over the years, but it always seems like a bit of a pain. So when the team at ChefSteps put up a piece about sous vide yogurt, it was like fireworks going off in my head. Why  had I not thought about making yogurt in a water bath!



The whole process is dead simple. Head up the milk (I’ve used whole and 2%), cool the milk, add some active (Greek) yogurt, and then maintain it at temp for 5+ hours. The final result is really good and ends up thick enough to enjoy in almost every application. Plus, it`s so cheap!!! Like any yogurt, if you want to strain it through cheesecloth for a few hours after it’s all said and done, you’ll end up with a very thick yogurt. The only thing left to do is play around with some flavour ideas.