Pho at Home

Pho is a dish I’ve been eating for decades. It’s one of the best dishes in the world. A clean, meaty broth topped with rice noodles, an assortment of meat, and fresh herbs. You can have your chicken soup, I’ll take pho any day of the week.


While it might not be as ubiquitous in my life as it is in say Linda’s, pho is something that rarely goes more than a week from being in my life. For a dish that’s frequent, it might come as a surpise that until this weekend, I’d never made pho at home. Inspired by the newest edition of Lucky Peach, I pulled out my Vietnamese cookbooks, bought some goodies, and went to town!


The results were really good. The broth was made with beef neck bones, black cardamom, clove, cinnamon, star anise as well as charred ginger and onions. I picked up a perishable rice noodle at T&T (that only takes 5 seconds to cook) and finished the bowls with well done brisket, thinly sliced raw inside round, and omasum tripe. On the side was a collection of thai basil, culantro, bean sprouts, cilantro, lemon slices, serrano peppers, sriracha and hoisin. I would do a few things differently next time (I want a clearer broth for example), but for my first scratch made pho, I couldn’t be happier. It’s also a lot easier than ramen!!