Agnolotti dal Plin


Making a basic pasta is about as easy as it gets. Combine flour with some eggs and voila. There should be no reason it’s not in your basic repertoire. Wanting to tackle something with a few more steps, the Flour + Water Pasta cookbook came to the rescue. On page 100 you’ll find a delicious sounding recipe for Agnolotti dal Plin. A stuffed pasta with three proteins (chicken, pork, rabbit) along with spinach, red wine, and Parmigiano-Reggiano to name a few.


Although their primitive shape was circular, traditionally agnolotti are of a square shape, side of about 1 inch. However, they can also be of a smaller, rectangular shape when they are called ‘Agnolotti al Plin’. ‘Plin’ means a ‘pinch’ because you pinch with thumb and forefinger between each mound of filling to close and seal the little pasta packets. Agnolotti al Plin are almost always made by hand and are typical of Langhe and Monferrato.

The book describes the dish as something that ‘hearkens back to the lavish feasts  thrown by Italian dukes’. During this wild celebrations, copious amounts of meat were prepared and the leftovers were used the next day to make Agnolotti dal  Plin. Sounds like quite the hangover meal! Everything came together as described, and the pinching action required to seal and prep the packets of meat was really fun. Certainly something you could easily do with friends or family to make a connection to your food.


Oh, and don’t let the rabbit scare you. If you don’t want to make the dish as described,  you can tweak the meat ratios and fillings to suit what you have in the fridge.