Jasper Weekend

Jenn and I popped out to Jasper for a wedding this past weekend. Without the typical November snowfall, it was a perfect drive. We returned to the Pyramid Lake Resort, where we stayed in the past. While just outside of the Jasper townsite, PLR makes for a beautiful stay. Close to hiking paths, Pyramid Island, and a beautiful lake, staying here is almost like a vacation in itself.

The food at the resort wasn’t anything to write home about, but did the job when we didn’t want to head into town. In town, we made a stop at some Jasper classics, Jasper Park Brewing, Bear’s Paw, Athabasca Hotel (nobody comes here for food, just drinks), and Lou Lou’s Pizzeria. I love the diner breakfasts at Lou Lou’s and really enjoyed the barley salad a Jasper Park Brewing.

I also made a quick stop at the Jasper Park Lodge to check in on Linda, Mike, and Sharman while they were partying for Christmas In November. The Man Cabin was quite the party spot, let me tell you!

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