FitBox from My FitBox Life

A few weeks back, I finally pulled the trigger on a FitBox. Now curated subscription boxes aren’t exactly new, but I’ve just never pulled the trigger on one. Maybe it’s because any box that I really want to order will have shipping cost issues that really just cut into the value. Heck, if I could get in on the Tim Ferriss box from Quarterly without breaking the bank, I would in a heart beat. Then again, how many of us need another monthly subscription to something!


So, what pushed my over the edge. The option to buy just one box. It’s local. It was coming with a cool water bottle…I don’t know.

My FitBox Life was founded in Edmonton AB, Canada because we have a serious passion for health, happiness, and all the cool fitness and wellness products that keep us motivated, pampered and active.  What we’ve created is in a phrase “well being in a box”. Buy or sign up and receive a curated package of our favorite beauty, health and lifestyle items delivered right to you door every three months. NOT JUST SAMPLES! Indulge in full size, premium products in every box.

If you go full FitBox and order a subscription, it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Pick Your Box
Choose the box that suits your taste. Every 3 months, our FitBox members look forward to their new seasonal gift box filled with the new most fab items, hand-picked by our Team!

Get Your Box
With a FitBox membership, every season you’ll get a box full of amazing new products delivered direct to your door four times a year.

Enjoy Your Box
Treat yourself and discover the healthy lifestyle content of each box! Our great selection of wellness products are certain to please your palate and your wallet.


The package arrived and once I broke through the tape, the pink and purple tissue gave way to an assortment of local goodies that I eagerly threw all over my table. Mostly out of pure excitement. I get like that some days. If I had to guess, I’d say this was designed with a feminine audience in mind. This specific box (there are options) cost me $61.95 w/ tax. Inside was a Pure North water bottle. Mala & Me bracelet. House of Koopslie headband. Kewaza Balls. Inner J bar. Natura Soy candle. Seabuckthorn Sniffle Stick. Skinchantment Dry Mask. Loads of exercise coupons/discounts, yoga, barre, spin, etc..


Clearly there is more than $60 worth of merchandise and savings in the box, so that’s great. I’m excited to try a few new places out, like Yoga Central and The Base. I would note, a lot of these discounts expire at the end of year, so I’m going to need to cram a lot in the next six weeks if I really want to get the full benefit of the box. Would I order again? Probably, and you know why. There was a 20% coupon in the box!!