Apple Pulp Muffins

Maybe it’s because I consumed about two liters of juice last week when I was sick, but as someone who normally never drinks juice, I was excited to juice some apples tonight. That fresh unfiltered apple flavour. So good!

Now, the downside of juicing is that you take all the fiber and ‘goodness’, as I call it, out of the mix. I mean, I love apples. So why juice them when I can just eat the entire thing. I don’t struggle to eat fruit. If anything, I eat too much. So, after enjoying my juice, I felt compelled to do something with all of the pulp. Enter, Apple Pulp Muffins. Crammed full of whole wheat, oats, nuts, apple pulp, and maple syrup. These muffins are definitely not cupcakes. They are straight up dense muffins full of real food. Topped with some house made dried sour cherries, because that sounds just fancy enough to seal the deal.

Muffins inspired by this recipe. I like to add extras. So go wild!