Me Undies – Not Food

Stay with me here. I know this isn’t about food, but it’s almost as good. Like good food, it takes awhile to appreciate good underwear. That’s probably because our parents don’t want to spend their hard earned dollars on fancy underwear just so we can fill it with poop as kids. So you spend the first part of your life buying underwear that comes in 5 packs. If you’re lucky, maybe it was 3 packs. Once you have an option in life, I think you either start to branch out or stick with the Fruit of The Loom options. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the FTL option. They serve the purpose just fine…but there is more.

I try a lot of underwear options. From Calvin Klein to Lululemon to Under Armour to whatever else is worth trying. Why? Well, I have fat thighs. My big old hams to waist ratio just doesn’t make sense. Which means I could order a small in some brands to fit my waist, but it does a horrible job fitting around my legs. Or I order a medium in others, and it floats around my legs. At the end of the day I want a comfortable pair of unders that doesn’t ride up my legs throughout the day, or choke out my thighs, and sits comfortable around my body. If I want to wear something so tight that it leaves impressions, I’ll throw on my cycling kits.

Enter Me Undies..and I say this without any kind of free offering. Every single pair of Me Undies I have has been purchased at full price. First, the are really fu*king comfortable. They are made with Lenzing Modal, an all-natural, breathable, and exceptionally ecological fabric extruded from naturally rejuvenating Beechwood trees found in the Austrian Alps. The cellulosic properties of Lenzing Modal fiber naturally inhibit odor-causing bacterial growth, keeping you smelling fresh. This smooth and supple wood fiber gives the fabric a luxurious soft, warm, and cozy feel. Second, they fit really nice. The right amount of hold and snuggle goes a long way to saying underwear is great. Third, they seem to last. I have 14 pairs of MeUndies now and they are holding up well. I don’t baby them either. Into a regular cycle and then into the dryer. I spend enough time taking care of my shirts and pants, that I just want underwear go through the machine and survive.

So anyways, if you’ve never ordered a pair, and want to take a chance, look around the internet for some ‘first-time’ codes. Lots of bloggers and podcasters offer them so you’re bound to find one if you look for a few minutes.