Christian Faure Patisserie – Montreal, Quebec

It has been cold in Montreal. Something about the wind and damp air really gets to your bones. This means you need frequent stops for some kind of warming beverage. Wandering around the windy streets of Old Montreal, we were directed to Maison Christian Faure Patisserie to warm up. The small-ish restaurant was alive when we walked in. The counters were displaying elaborate creations that just begged to be consumed.

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You likely know that I’m not the biggest sweets guy, but felt that along with our coffees, a croissant and some macarons would be a decent sampling and provide some calories to fuel more walking. The almond and chocolate croissant was flaky and rich, with just a tad of sogginess to it around the fillings. The macarons were airy, delicate, and full of flavour. If you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s definitely

a place to stop.