The Organic Box – From Farms To Your Door

Super excited to share with you that I have become an ambassador for The Organic Box. You’ve probably heard me say a million times that we all need to eat, so we should spend more time eating together. This ties perfectly into The Organic Box because they tackle this sentiment from another angle, in that it brings people who eat food and people who make food, together.

The Organic Box provides a convenient way to shop for local grocery products you’ll love… and feel good about buying. We offer a full range of grocery items, and support local, independent producers whenever we can. Many of our products are organic or transitional, and we also offer alternatives from local, family farms that are making an effort to have less of an impact on the land. Best of all, we deliver everything right to your door!

Another point that always hits home for me, especially when it comes to food, is that every single person gets the opportunity to impact the world around us with the dollars they spend. Which means that whether you are buying shoes, or artwork, or fruit or beef, you are making a choice. We are lucky to live in a city full of amazing artists, producers, farmers, entrepreneurs we have opportunities every week to impact the communities we live in by taking the time to consider where we spend our dollars. Sure local and organic might cost you more, but don’t forget that there is real value in starting small. A bag of apples here or a hunk of lamb there. Any bit of change starts with with a flicker. Buying local food also means moving with the seasons, understanding what’s fresh and what’s not, getting to know what we grow really well and what we don’t. All of this knowledge helps us stay connected to the farmers and producers that feed us. The more we start to fuel our local economy and build these relationships, the stronger we become as a community.

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It is rare to think about where the money goes beyond the cash register at a supermarket. When you buy our organic food, more of your money goes to the actual growers of that food rather than the shareholders and banks behind the large grocery stores. This enables your food dollars to have a significant impact on farming families.

The Organic Box is a ‘food family’ made up of Alberta producers, bakers, and suppliers all working together to offer an easy way to get the best organic produce possible. I’d love for you to try out The Organic Box – use the code “OrganicBunch20” for $20 off your first order!

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