Open Up and Om – #6 – Scott Parsons. DJ Yoga Town

Episode 6 is in the books and I was lucky enough to have both, an old friend come on the podcast, as well as my first guest who isn’t a yoga teacher. This was exciting for me, because as a few of you know, yoga is definitely a key theme to the podcast, but let me stress that the podcast is not just about talking to yoga teachers. It’s about talking to people who make a conscious effort to include yoga into their lives, whether they are a dentist, student, hockey player, nurse, chef, writer, farmer, entrepreneur, teacher, accountant (you get the point). The key, they all practice. Hearing Scott talk about his journey into yoga is a great reminder that you can start at any moment in life. You just need to show up.

You can follow along with Scott’s adventures on Twitter (here), but for the full Scott experience, you should head down to On The Rocks on Monday nights for Bingo Toonz.

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