Attaquer Cycling

As a big fan of professional road cycling, I see a lot of rad (and not so rad) cycling product advertisements. On the super cool end, enter Attaquer Cycling.

Established in Sydney, Australia in late 2012, founders Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin, combined more than 15 years of cycling, fashion and brand management experience to create Attaquer.

Designed by Australian street and fashion artists and crafted in Italy, we know what cyclists want when it comes to clothing and favour a combination of comfort, performance and fashion-forward style, so you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

Now I’ve had a soft spot for Attaquer cycling from the moment I discovered them. They are Australian, they make cool fu*king kits, and they really celebrate the joy of cycling. So when you are hooked on something super cool, it’s a bummer when things don’t work out. I recently had two pairs of socks last less than a month before holes were appearing. Figuring this wasn’t the norm, I reached out to the team, shared pictures and my story, and they provided a coupon for two free pairs. That’s how you do it.

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I also picked up their new nylon pocket pouch in Citrus, because I usually end up carrying     my cell phone in a ziplock – The ultra durable and moisture-proof nylon Attaquer pocket pouch is an essential piece of equipment for carrying your phone, cash, cards, keys and spares. What can I say, I like bright things!