Adamson and Son – Handcrafted Leather

Edmonton is full of amazing people doing amazing things, and Shaun Adamson is a prime example of both. A passionate educator, community builder, foodie, cocktail maker, and amazing cyclist (to name a few), Shaun has also started to make hand crafted leather products with the creation of Adamson and Son.

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Now, I’ve known Shaun for a few years and honestly, whenever we connect he always leaves me excited and inspired. So when I see all of his hard work starting to really build, I’m stoked to share. Leather goods are one of those things you’re going to keep for a long time, so to have someone as engaging as Shaun be the person behind them, it’s really a no-brainer to check him out when you’re in the market for a new belt, wallet, purse, or bag. Best part, Shaun’s happy to work with you to plan and design custom pieces. Which certainly makes for a unique gift next time you’re trying to find something for that person that has everything.

While at the Highlandia Festival yesterday, I stopped by his booth and Shaun put together a custom belt for me. From length to leather to buckle, it’s all about you the customer. Anyone who takes this kind of time, and has this amount of passion, is someone we should all be proud to support in Edmonton.

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