Pho Boy Vietnamese Kitchen – Edmonton, Alberta

Finally made my way over to Pho Boy today, and I’m glad I did. With countless pho offerings in town, it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a boy of pho with flavour and depth. They keep the entire process simple. Instead of having 20 bowls on the menu, they offer the build your own option, which is handy for people that like it there way! Me, I want all of the good stuff. Tendons, steak, flank…which meant the Pho Boy Dragon Special was for me. Think of it like the kitchen sink of pho. Loaded with flavour and quite literally wafting the aroma of star anise straight into your brain, this pho was delicious! It was also no problem to take down a ‘normal’. So go bigger if you’re wanted to make a meal out of it.

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