Northern Chicken – Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve always had a soft spot for Andrew and Matt, It probably dates back to all of the bacon infused comas they’ve induced over the years. Unfortunately, Andrew and Matt are working farther and farther away from the homestead. Which means, I don’t get to see either of them nearly as much as I’d like. Thankfully, my father picked Northern Chicken for his birthday meal, providing a much needed visit.

Set up like so many restaurants these days (order first at the counter, pay, get food delivered), I enjoy the fact that the menu here is small. Fried Chicken / Beer Can Chicken, Sides, and some other options for those who aren’t eating chicken. Lets be honest though, if you’re coming here, you’re coming for the chicken. From my sample, I felt like the Fried chicken was fantastic, the dorito’s mac n’ cheese was a luxurious treat, and the hunk of warmed cornbread was very enjoyable. The rest of the sides were good, but not as memorable as the pasta and bread. Here’s hoping people continue to jump on the Northern Chicken train, because this would easily be go-to fried chicken place at the moment.

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