Open Up and Om – #14 – Danielle Murray & Michele Theoret. Filmed On Location

I made my first real upgrades to the podcast recently, which is awesome, because it now lets me have up to three guests on at once. And what better way to crack open the conversation then by having Danielle Murray and Michele Theoret come by for a talk. I love these humans with all my heart and really appreciate their abilities to move, laugh, care, love, be serious, be introspective, be silly, and be thoughtful all at once.

You can find Danielle Murray on Instagram, Twitter, and the Web. Likewise, Michele is also on the Insta, Tweets, and Interwebs. You can also find Michele’s book on Amazon. They are teaching a 200hr training this fall (starting in September), so check that out. I completed my training with them and it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable experience. Likewise, Danielle will be teaching another session of Evolution soon, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for that one.

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