Open Up And Om – #15 – Andrea Rice. Opening Doors.

Feeling incredible grateful to have Andrea Rice stop by the podcast this week. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with her as of late, and it always leaves me inspired and curious. Writing those words reminds me that one of the reasons I started this podcast, was so that I could help share with all of you some of the amazing people in our city. This is a prime example of that goal coming to reality. I hope you enjoy.

You can find Andrea exploring our city with various run groups, including Run Collective, which runs from the lululemon store on Whyte Avenue every Wednesday around 6:15-6:30PM, as well as the speedy River City Runners. You can also find her on Instagram (@akrice) and Twitter (@andrea_runs). Who knows, you might even just see her out for a walk and talk. However you find her, make sure you say hi!

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