Sugarbowl – Edmonton, Alberta

There has been much running this year in my life as I prepared for the Edmonton Half Marathon. All of this recent running meant long runs on the weekend. Which, if you leave early enough in the morning, nicely coincides with brunch opportunities. After a nice exploring session of the river valley, Donny, Dave, and I dropped our sweaty asses into seats at Sugarbowl.

Sugarbowl is one of those Edmonton institutions, and they claim to be the sweetest place in Edmonton. Yes, it was even on You Gotta Eat Here. And weekend mornings most definitely mean lineups, which isn’t always fun when you just burnt of lots of calories. Thankfully the wait was only about 25 minutes before we were seated outside in the soon-to-be direct sunlight. Good thing we were already sweaty!

I went with the special of the day, quiche, which arrived like some huge combination of pie and meat casserole. It was large enough to feed an army of quiche lovers. Filled with sausage (look at that profile) and delicious eggs, it was a perfect fuel up. Donny went with the classes Eggs Benny, which seamed to be the one dish at every table, while Dave went with Chicken And Waffles. Which strangely enough had more of a pounded out cutlet vibe to them (have they changed the prep?).

If you’re in the neighborhood, you might as well see how long the line is. You likely won’t be disappointed. If you’re really hungry, throw your name in the hat at High Level Diner at the same time and then you’re playing some good odds. If you’re in a really big hurry, just skip brunch. Ain’t nobody got time for a quick brunch.