Open Up And Om – #16 – Sarah Curts. Dancing With The Universe.

I was super excited this week to have my first out-of-town guest on the podcast this week. I’ve been following along Sarah Curts adventures for some time and knew if it ever worked out, it would be great to chat. With a docket full of modelling shoots in Edmonton, we were able to take some time out and sit down. Sarah is one of the most peaceful people I’ve ever met, and her natural curiosity and trust in the universe is both beautiful and heart warming.

You can find Sarah exploring the world through her modeling, yoga, reiki and aerialist acrobatics! With such a varied resume of work you can follow her adventures via her many Instagram accounts – SarahBellaButterfly, SBAerialist, and SarahBellaFineArt.  Who knows, the next time you see someone performing silk work at a festival, it might just be her!

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