Open Up And Om – #19 – Kathleen Ritchie. The Perfect Mullet.

I bugged Kathleen the other day that it will be nice to actually meet when we sit down to talk. You see, we have crossed paths before, but it has always been at a pretty high level. The joy in these podcasts is that I (we) get to sit down and enjoy the story of someone in our community. And while there is always lots that gets discussed before and after, I’m beyond grateful Kathleen took the time to come over and sit down to chat and share. And don’t worry, she’ll be back to discuss so much more. I just wish I had some hair so I could get her to cut in the perfect mullet.

You can find Kathleen’s personal Instagram account here, here internationally published hair and makeup account here, or all of the above on her website – You might also find her helping people out at lululemon, or planning to conquer her next amazing trip!

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