Dining rooms can often feel cold because they’re not rooms that we visit very often. We pop in for a quick meal, and then we’re off to our bedroom or living room. But there’s nothing better than sitting around a cozy table with your family and friends over a home-cooked meal. So how do we add warmth to our dining rooms instead of creating a space that we want to escape from?

1. Consider adding an electric fireplace: One of the most straightforward fixes for a cold dining room is to add literal heat. An electric fireplace can be installed in any dining room and doesn’t require anything further in the way of installation than an electrical outlet. The cheery warmth of the crackling fire will add literal warmth to your dining room while adding a cozy comfort. There’s nothing more relaxing and warm on a chilly day than sitting in front of a fire. Adding one to your dining room brings this comforting warmth to your eating space, and you might find yourself gravitating towards your dining room more often outside of mealtimes.

2. Add in some pillows: A cold dining room chair is enough to make anyone leave in favor of a cushy armchair. In order to avoid this, try adding some cushions or pillows to your dining room chairs. This will provide added comfort and a nice warm layer in between your backside and the chilly chair. You might also want to consider adding a fabric covering to the entire chair to extend this warmth up the back. This way, your diners will feel so comfortable that they’ll never want to leave your table.

3. Cover your table with a tablecloth: Your bare tabletop can be chilly against the wrists and hands of your diners. Adding a fabric tablecloth adds literal warmth to the space along with a touch of emotional warmth as well. A dining room table covered with a cozy cloth just feels warmer than a bare table. An added bonus is that it will help protect your table for spills and the heat of the dishes that you serve.

4. Paint the walls a warm, cheery color: Believe it or not, this is a great way to add warmth to your dining room. The right shade can make your dining room feel cozy and inviting. A warm white with a creamy tint to it helps reflect light back at you, and this literally warms the room. Colors such as red, yellow, and brown are all warm colors that add more of an emotional warmth to your space.

5. Consider a rug: Although dining rooms are traditionally a hardwood or tile room to make clean up easier if your dining room is cool, then you might want to consider carpeting or a rug. A plush carpet feels fantastic on bare feet and helps warm your dining room considerably. If you don’t like the idea of carpeting your whole space, then a throw rug or area rug can create the same level of warmth with less commitment. As long as the feet of your diners have somewhere nice a cozy to curl up, your dining room will have quite a bit more warmth.

Taking the above tips into consideration will help you turn any dining room into a nice, inviting warm space that you and your diners will never want to leave.


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