Short & Sweet
Passionate. Foodie. Friend. Lover. Son. Baker. Cyclist. Photographer. Podcaster. Yogi. 200-RYT. Coffee Fiend. Nose to Tail. HR Pro. Asking Why. Making Time.

Long & Slow
Eating is the Hard Part is currently in its second incarnation (the first is here), and continues to evolve. This side-project, turned all encompassing hobby, turned side-project, started as a way to inspire good conversation about food. The pages you find before you will include everything from restaurants to ranges, farms to yoga. Never a review, what you’ll find is a story. A story of a meal, a person, or a place. Some of them are short like a good poem and some long, like a well developed play. Hopefully what you’ll find will bring a smile to your face, an inspiration to your heart, and a reason to eat.

After jumping around from homestead to homestead, I arrived back in Edmonton and saw a window of opportunity. Instead of spending my time listening to chef after chef on TV, I wanted to engage people in my own backyard. People who could be excited about where something comes from, what the perfect temperature a loaf of bread should be, and how best to butcher a pig. Real conversations involving real foods. Remember, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

I like grapes, cask aged beer, and the smell of fresh bread. When I’m not riding the food train, you’ll find me learning about cameras, teaching yoga, plucking away on a guitar, dreaming about far away places, and hopefully on my road bike.

With an open oven, a big appetite, and desire to make your day just a little better, I welcome you to have a look around.


Photos: Please do not use, steal, or borrow any pictures without written consent.