Tour de l’Alberta – 2017

Tour de l’Alberta – 2017

Had a fun Tour de l’Alberta ride this morning. This was my first year completing any distance other than their longest offering, because a colleague of mine is new to the cycling world and wanted to test his legs with the 50km. Loved the route for this distance, as the roads were great and we didn’t … Continue reading

Adamson and Son – Handcrafted Leather

Adamson and Son – Handcrafted Leather

Edmonton is full of amazing people doing amazing things, and Shaun Adamson is a prime example of both. A passionate educator, community builder, foodie, cocktail maker, and amazing cyclist (to name a few), Shaun has also started to make hand crafted leather products with the creation of Adamson and Son. Now, I’ve known Shaun for a … Continue reading