Email: eatingisthehardpart [at] gmail [dot] com

Instagram: @eatingisthehardpart

Mail: Before you consider sending me freebies/samples or ask me to come by your restaurant for a meal ‘on-the-house’, be forewarned that I’ll be honest. If your product says it tastes like strawberries, and it tastes like cardboard, you better believe that I’ll let people know. However, if you stand by your product and still want my thoughts, send me an email and we can talk further.

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Chris!
    Could you recommend a great Mexican restaurant in Edmonton? I saw you didn’t care for the 3 Amigos and it appears you are quite the foodie, so I trust your opinion!

    I tried calling Don Antonios and faxing…they don’t pick up the phone and the fax doesn’t work. I talked to El Rancho, which I heard was a good restaurant, but they aren’t open Sundays when we’d need to go.

    Any thoughts?

    Warm Regards,
    Melissa (Gluten Free Chickie)

    • Hi Melissa. I don’t have any great options to recommend, as I’ve been underwhelmed all over the city. Having just met the guys from Tres Carnales, I can safely say their food should take the lead when it comes to Mexican. The bad news is that they are not open yet. The good news, is that they shouldn’t be far off!

  2. Hey Chris!
    I’m wondering if you can recommend your top 3…or 5…or all the tops (haha!) butchers/meat shops in the city. I’m looking for the Alberta farm fresh meat that I thought would be overflowing by the truck when I moved here from the East…so far have only been impressed by the markets but their stuff is mostly frozen.


  3. Hey Chris,
    Came across your blog after reading your interview in the The Edmonton Journal. Was awesome to see you do something you’re so passionate about.
    (What’s your take on Indian fare in the city?)

  4. Hi. I am visiting from Calgary next Friday and I am looking to do lunch before I drive back. I am looking for a place that would be siilar to Alloy,Blink, or Brava Bistro in Calgary. Can you make any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey Chris

    Came across your blog, but for an entirely different reason! Like yourself, I had recently dealt with Southgate VW and my experience has been nothing short of horrifying. I would like people to know about the unprofessional attitude and lack of customer care exhibited down there. I was hoping to attach my story to your June 2, 2012 blog. Could you please email me at and I can fill you in?

    Much thanks!


  6. Hi Chris,

    It’s Matt from Chili’s (I don’t work there anymore but I thought it would jog your memory). Just wanted to say hi. Looks like you are doing well. We should go eat something exciting sometime soon. My treat.


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