Nothing makes a kitchen sparkle like clean appliances. If you still depend on the third person to make your equipment sparkle, note that you can get that clean satisfaction creative cleaning tips. Here some of the ways you can practice to keep your essential equipment super clean.

1. Cleaning the Refrigerator

The space behind your refrigerator may turn to be the dirtiest square feet in your house. Perhaps the meeting place for gunk, dust, and other filth that have fallen behind this device. The easiest way to clean is by pulling out your refrigerator to allow you to mop up everything visible. Now on the fridge itself, vacuum the coils behind or beneath the refrigerator. This will not only subject minimum stress on your fridge’s motor but also prolong its life.

Inspect your fridge for loose door gaskets and, if any, check your owner’s manual replacement part numbers. You can get new gaskets either by searching online or at home improvement centers. With a tighter seal, you can significantly minimize cost by saving energy. Wipe gaskets using warm, soapy water and rinse to dry once or twice in a month.

Another clever way to clean the refrigerator is by using a solution of water and white vinegar or little soapy water. It helps to clean and shine both inside and outside of your fridge. Use a damp cloth to remove fingerprints on stainless steel exterior and wipe down crispers and shelves every time you notice a spill.

2. Cleaning the Stove-top and Oven

Though most of the ovens have self-cleaning options, it will be wise to let the oven do the work for you. Self-cleaning is effective but may not do the cleaning perfectly. It may leave out some few spots around the door hinges and frames as well as crumb-catching space between double ovens. In this case, you can use soapy water or vinegar to wipe these spots. As far as the oven grates are concerned, take them over to the sink and give them a good scrub. If you need more power you can always resort to degreasing chemicals. If you’re feeling creative you can even take them outside and blast them clean with a pressure washer – a residential machine will do the trick just fine.

Cleaning a stove-top will require a little effort to scrub out debris and sticky dirt. You can do the cleaning quickly by filling your sink with hot, soapy water, and then soak hood vents, knobs, and burner for hours before scrubbing it. If the metal drip is beyond the help of steel wool, you can choose to replace it.

3. Cleaning the Dishwasher

Most of the people would think that there is no need to clean pressure washer because they believe it cleans itself every time they use it. Yes! It undoubtedly only clean a specific area. Thus, it’s important to check the drains in the bottom of the washing machine for debris. Clean and wipe the gaskets around the door to make sure you have a tight seal. Try to deodorize it by putting a bowl of white vinegar on the rack and run it to remove any suspicious stain and odor.

4. Cleaning the Microwave

If you’re looking to remove baked-on food on the microwave, fill a microwave-safe container with water and run it until the water boils. Afterward, leave it to settle to allow steam loosens gunk before you wipe clean.

Therefore, with these creative tips in mind, well-maintained equipment will always be a good proposition for you in the future. It will not only help minimize your operational cost but also give value to your appliances when you plan to do away with them.


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