I love dogs. But still, I believe dogs shouldn’t be allowed in places where food is being served. Why we prefer if you don’t bring your dog to the restaurant? Well, for several reasons. The most obvious is hygiene. There’s a good reason why the Food and Drug Administration or FDA prohibits the presence of live animals in business establishments where food is served. The only exception to this is fish and other marine animals found in tanks found in seafood restaurants. What if the dog suddenly turns the restaurant floor into his own toilet? Waiters and even cooks might pet the dog then forget to wash their hands. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, we should all be mindful of practicing good hygiene.

How about service animals, you may ask. For me, they should be allowed, with certain conditions, of course. The animal must be properly groomed. And restaurant staff must refrain from petting the dog. These animals must be prohibited from entering the kitchen and storage areas of the establishment. Service dogs include seeing-eye-dogs that assist blind persons and dogs that have people with anxiety and phobias. These animals should be allowed because people depend on them. I believe it is within the rights of people to be able to bring their service animals to restaurants so they can eat and enjoy their meals.

Regulations in various states differ. Some rules are stricter than others when it comes to prohibiting animals from being in a restaurant. In some cities, all dogs are allowed as long as they remain outside together with their owners. Of course, dog owners need to be responsible. Their eyes should always be on their dogs. Crates also are a big help for this. The second why I thought dogs shouldn’t be allowed in restaurants is safety. No matter how mildly-mannered a dog is – or even if the dog is trained – the danger of the dog biting other people is always present. Because it is in a crowded area, the dog might get excited or confused, making him become more aggressive. So I believe that for the safety of everyone, including the owner, dogs must not be allowed in restaurants.

Then some people are allergic to dogs. Their health, as well as their right to enjoy a meal in peace, must be protected and respected. Dogs are known to shed fur that can cause allergies to some people. Even if they are well-groomed, dogs can still cause allergies. Allergic attacks range from being mild to severe. If you don’t want to cause inconvenience to others, then it is a better option just to leave your dog at home.

I know that you love your dog and that you want to be with it every time. But you also need to consider other people. If you’re going to eat out, then just leave our dog at home. Or if you really want to bring it with you, then make sure that you go to a restaurant with outdoor seats. And make sure that it’s ok for the restaurant to have a dog on their premises.


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